Returnal Wiki

The Thermogenic Launcher is a weapon found in Returnal. It fires explosive rockets that have a radius of splash damage.

Available Alt-Fire Modes[]

  • Horizontal Barrage
  • Trackerswarm

Weapon Traits[]

Trait Effect
Easy to Use Kills reward extra Proficiency.
Full-Auto Fires at full-auto mode.
Obolite Magnet Chance to automatically gather Obolite from killed hostiles.
Critical Rockets? Projectiles may explode twice.
Enlarged Chamber? Overheat limit increased.
Replicating Hits? Successful hits shoot off an extra homing rocket.
Mega Rocket? Fires a more powerful but slower rocket instead of the normal salvo.
Tail Fire? Fires an additional, more powerful projectile at the end of each salvo.
Thermite Rockets? Projectiles cause additional damage over time.

Databank Entry[]

A long-range weapon of sentient make. Fires projectiles that consist solely of unstable, burning [UNKNOWN FAULT], which explode on contact with a hostile or a surface. The lack of any sort of structural container for the explosive matter or even a guidance system on the projectiles - as their temperature exceeds the functional limits of even the sentients' skill with unusual materials and embedded circuitry - makes this piece of technology either very primitive or, alternatively, so beyond our comprehension that we cannot even detect its presence.

Excluding the curious projectiles, the weapon is otherwise strangely similar in design to a weapon that is in development at AstraDemo. The intricate wiring [PARAMETER UNKNOWN] otherwise functions on the principle as other concussion-based devices. Larger scale versions would have potential applications in mining operations particularly when excavating [PARSING ERROR] that would ordinarily be too resistant to physical force.

*#;^'other than impenetrable. She had read the analysis reports. Still, confronting an unknown substance that was completely impervious to everything including her willpower was... "Certainly a first," she growled. Burrowing through, save for some brilliance from the technicians, was out. And going around? That added so much time that her initial estimate caused a constriction in[}\#^;

(level 3 databank courtesy of Discord user Land10)