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The Tachyomatic Carbine is a xenotype weapon similar to carbine technology used by humans. It is a fully-automatic rifle with a high-capacity magazine.

Available Alt-Fire Modes[]

  • Horizontal Barrage
  • Trackerswarm

Weapon Traits[]

Trait Effect
Armor Piercing Projectiles will pierce hostiles and reflect off surfaces.
High Caliber Higher damage at the expense of firerate.
Rising Pitch Fires faster the longer the trigger is held.
Critical Hit Projectiles may deal additional damage.
Hardened Increases Protection.
Accelerated? Kills decrease Dash cooldown and increase firerate.
Payload Rounds? Killed hostiles drop clusters of miniature bombs upon death.
Leech Rounds? Successful hits may repair your Integrity.

Databank entry[]

Research Level 1[]

A long-range weapon of sentient make. Despite the exposed and open design of the weapon, it seems markedly resistant to damage or jamming despite the high particulate matter present in the atmosphere, indicating a possibility for self-maintaining materials. The weapon has high rate of fire enabled by the unique combination of its mechanism and the projectiles. It utilizes electromagnetic fields to accelerate small, [PARSING ERROR] projectiles to high speeds, although where these come from is unclear at the moment.

Research Level 2[]

On further analysis, it is evident that the weapon leeches atoms from its environment when not in use, which are then condensed into suitable ammunition within the firing chamber. Current tests indicate it seems to avoid drawing them from its owner, although how it is able to differentiate between the owner and environment remains unknown. Since it has a limited capacity for this resource gathering, sustained firing automatically triggers overheat prevention mechanisms. Without such a limiter, the exponential build-up of [UNKNOWN FAULT] could result in a total fracture in its core.

Research Level 3[]

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(level 3 databank courtesy of discord user Land10)