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Suit Artefacts are a type of artefact found in Returnal. Each suit artefact has its own name and effect, though they all share an appearance and databank entry.

List of Suit Artefacts[]

Name Effect Benefit
Adrenaline Coolant Reduce Alt-Fire Cooldown by 1s per Adrenaline Level. Cooldown
Adrenaline Leech Repairs Integrity by 2% of damage dealt, per Adrenaline Level. Integrity
Adrenaline Stimulants Gain +5% Weapon Damage per Adrenaline Level. Damage
Alt-Fire Protection Gain 10% Protection while Alt-Fire is recharging. Protection
Astronaut Figurine Personal item. It doesn't want to let you go. Resurrection
Blade Balancer Enables a more powerful melee attack.

Hint: Allows you to destroy yellow energy barriers.

Blown Nightlight Personal Item. Being at Full or Low Integrity increases Weapon Damage by 10%. Damage
Child's Watch Personal Item. It will not let you go. Resurrection
Emergency Protection At Low Integrity, gain 25% Protection. Protection
Emergency Proficiency At Low Integrity, gain +25% Proficiency Rate. Proficiency
Emergency Repairs At Low Integrity, suit autorepairs itself slowly. Integrity
Emergency Stimulants At Low Integrity, gain +15% Weapon Damage. Damage
Fractal Nail +10% damage while you have a malfunction. Damage
Execution Bolts Melee kills generate two energy bolts that hit two nearest hostiles. Damage
Execution Rush Melee kills briefly increase Speed by 25% & Protection by 25%. Protection
Golden Coil Grants +5% Weapon Damage for every 200 Obolites carried. Maximum bonus: 15%. Damage
Integrity Circuit Gaining or fixing Malfunctions increase Max Integrity. Integrity
Key Retriever 25% chance to retain a Key on use. Consumables
Melee Response Getting hit briefly increases Melee Damage by 100%. Damage
Murmuring Cocoon Increases the positive effects of Parasites. Parasites
Obolite Stabilizer Dropped Obolites last 3s longer. Obolites
Overload Rush Successful Overloads briefly increase Speed & Protection by 15%. Protection
Phantom Limb Elimination hostiles has a 10% chance to repair Integrity. Integrity
Pulsating Mass Attaching or detaching Parasites improves your Max Integrity. Integrity
Reactive Stabilizers 95% chance to avoid being knocked down by heavy attacks. Protection
Recharging Overload Successful Overloads reduce Alt-Fire Cooldown by 3s. Cooldown Reduction
Repair Circuit Gaining or fixing Malfunctions repairs Integrity. Integrity
Resin Enhancer Reduces the number of Resins needed to upgrade Max Integrity. Integrity
Resinous Shield Picking up a Resin gives you a Shield against the next hit. Shield
Spaceship Model Personal item. It seems to have a positive effect on Dash. Movement
Two-Way Radio Personal Item. It seems to create a positive relation between Ether and Protection. Protection
Warped Bouncy Ball Personal Item. Each Ether carried increases Repair Efficiency by 5%. Maximum Bonus: 50%. Repair
Wound Seekers Deal 30% more damage to low health targets. Damage
Xeno-Tech Sight Slows down time when aiming with Alt-Fire. Has to recharge after every activation. Time Dilation

Databank Entry[]

Research Level 1[]

A variety of xeno-type artifacts that override [MISSING ENTRY] altering suit's subsystems modifying and enhancing the suit's abilities. This technology is compatible with ASTRA Suit and thus deemed acceptable to be used if survival depends on it.

Research Level 2[]

The ability for ASTRA Suits to be internally changed in the field [DATABASE MISMATCH] under variable conditions. This experimental (yet highly promising) system means that [PARSING ERROR] per individual Scout needs at any given moment. While requiring external input to allow these changes, future versions are hoped to allow alterations chosen consciously without the current obligation of dependency.

Research Level 3[]

}\^*#more lost debris than anything. They had to rely on a barely functioning scrap of metal out here in the unknown reaches of the unknown. It should have terrified her, risking so much like this, but instead she couldn't see beyond the absurdity. This would be the folly of ages, pretending'*}[\=