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Strixera Matriarch is an enemy in Returnal.

Database Entries[]

The Strixera Matriarch is a larger and more dangerous version of a Proto-Strixera. It is able to project a four-way beam attack that cannot be phased through as well as slower, ballistic projectiles that explode with [DATA CORRUPTED] limiting movement of the target. Further, an attack that utilizes homing missiles has been observed. Due to additional weight of the engorged egg sac at the back of its central mass, it can briefly lose orientation of its horizontal axis when damaged sufficiently. This vulnerable spot is an optimal target for quick dispatch, but Scouts attempting this should be aware that it will unleash a furious barrage of homing projectiles when it is near death.

The Strixera Matriarchs, rather than inheriting their position or being [PARSING ERROR] to establish a primitive kind of pecking order. They are usually hidden away in nests for their own protection and that of the flocks' future. This hierarchical order allows the sole responsibility of procreation and directive of the whole nest. If any member of this flock chooses to rebel, it will be [MISSING ENTRY] and other severe consequences, up to and including exile, maiming, or death.

^*(]{\proclamation or a death sentence." His tone was leaden, his face similarly unmoving. She glanced back at the parchment nailed to the wall. Despite his hypothesis, neither of their names were listed. But if this were a bluff, no matter how calculating, it meant the situation was more dire than previously predicted. A being with monumental power^;=*;

(tier 2 and 3 unlocks courtesy of reddit user Deckard9732)


  • Tri-Laser-Beam that starts near it at ground level and travels up towards the ceiling
  • Barrage of Homing projectiles of different speeds

Can be staggered. When it is the Matriarch exposes her weak spot.