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A Strixera is a hostile found in the Overgrown Ruins.

Databank Entry[]

Research Level 1[]

A winged entity with a large central mass that is almost completely devoid of bone structure. The most prominent part of the mass is a blue luminescent sack containing several multipurpose organs. It also has an abnormally [CORRUPTED TEXT] comparison to body size, possibly used as an intimidation tactic. Based on the structure of its wings, it should be physically unable to support its body weight. Attacks by spitting the same energy as Keberons, but when multiple individuals are present, they can also create a directed beam attack.

Research Level 2[]

Often found in packs of multiple individuals, but unable to determine if it is a familial unit or a group of unrelated individuals. The structural similarities and ability to utilize [SYSTEM ERROR] in their attacks indicate a shared ancestor with Kerberons, pointing to similar evolution patterns as on [FORBIDDEN REFERENCE].

Research Level 3[]

/||=-/flying upwards from the forest, turbulence having its own opinion on pragmatic tactics. She watched helplessly from the ground as sheets of hull were stripped off. Painful minutes elapsed. They had escaped the planet, but the ship’s outer structure had twisted into impossible geometry, evaporating into noctilucent clouds. If this was how the end would-##/\/