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The Spitmaw Blaster is a weapon in Returnal. It is a shotgun-like weapon that fires a spread of projectiles which can stagger enemies. By default it functions as a primarily short-range weapon, but with Traits can be a versatile weapon to fit many combat situations.

Available Alt-Fire Modes[]

  • Blast Shell
  • Horizontal Barrage
  • Shockstream
  • Voidbeam

Weapon Traits[]

Trait Effect
Slug Shot Fires an additional straight line projectile.
Rapid Spitter Gives full-auto fire.
Wide Maw Projectiles deal additional damage but have a wider spread.
Narrow Maw Projectiles have a tighter spread.
Explosive Spit .
Critical Stagger? Projectiles may deal additional damage to staggered hostiles.
Backsplash? High chance to regain a projectile if all pellets hit a target.
Piercing Spit? Projectiles will pierce through hostiles and explode on delay.

Databank Entry[]

Research Level 1[]

A bioengineered, medium-to-short range weapon. Based on some type of amphibian creature, many of the organs seem to be redesigned or removed, yet the central nervous system remains intact, causing the weapon to [UNKNOWN ERROR] and stop functioning when it reaches its functional capacity. The ammunition consists of pods that are able to pierce even metal and are coated with a highly acidic mucus, which can inflict further damage to the target. The "maw" is fairly wide in the design, causing the pods to spread widely, so short range is advised for maximum damage.

Research Level 2[]

The gestating pods [DATABASE MISMATCH] near-hatched state by the firing mechanism. The expansion of [CRITICAL ERROR] contact resulting in extreme pain, preventing the target's nerve receptors from being blocked. Simply put, the inflicted damage must be endured and cannot be prevented by anything other than extensive medical treatment.

Research Level 3[]

\*;#^but are they ready?" It was impossible at this point for her to keep the nervousness from creeping up her throat and into her words. His eyes never left the operating tables. Their injections were almost complete. The only response he finally made was to lift his finger, indicating the smaller^;#\=

(level 3 databank unlock courtesy of discord user Land10)