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A Shield Disrupter is a type of artifact in Returnal.


  • 25% chance to break shields

Databank Entry[]

Research Level 1[]

A xeno-type artifact in the shape of a disc with a sharp [DATABASE MISMATCH] that attaches to the user's hand. While in use, the item provides a small chance of breaking hostile shields with normal weapon fire. Since the effect triggers only every now and then, it gives rise to the question if this is the item's actual intent or if it's just a side effect.

Research Level 2[]

Minor yet significant alterations [UNKNOWN REFERENCE] a clever systemic manipulation to avoid attenuation. These variations, randomly applied to each [DATA ERROR] function on the inverse - thereby neutralising shield harmonics. By virtue of this inefficiency, brute force and repetitious chance are the only reliable means to break though.

Research Level 3[]

}*^[brute force analysis. Archaic. Graceless. But right now it was the best option while nausea swelled and crashed against her head. Suffering was an unwelcome stranger. She checked the report. Barely any hits at all. “Forever…” In reality it would take ninety more hours on the outside, though that risked rousing^\{]=