Returnal Wiki

The Rotgland Lobber is a weapon in Returnal. It is similar to a grenade launcher that fires a poison projectile in an arc towards enemies.

Available Alt-Fire Modes[]

  • Blast Shell
  • Shieldbreaker
  • Trackerswarm

Weapon Traits[]

Trait Effect
Bouncing Rot Projectiles bounce before exploding.
Enlarged Chamber Overheat limit increased.
Trailing Rot Projectiles leave a trail of rot on the ground.
Durable Rot? Increases the duration of the rot.
Explosive Shot? Projectiles explode on impact.
Caustic Rot? Direct hits cause additional damage over time.
Protective Rot? Standing in the rot provides extra Protection
Portal Rot? Hostiles killed by the rot create a projectile-firing portal.
Tendril Rot? Tendrils reach out from the rot puddles dealing damage to hostiles.

Databank entry[]

A bioengineered weapon, which expels a highly-viscous blob of corrosive mucus. The large sac at the back holds the untreated mucal fluid, which when combined with the reagent in the lower stomach becomes highly acidic when exposed to air. While the sac continuously condenses water from the air, the nasal passages are used to inhale [DATABASE MISMATCH] to gather up the necessary component for the reagent. Holding the [UNKNOWN ERROR] causes the esophagus to elongate and tighten, allowing for longer trajectories.

Prolonged exposure [DATABASE MISMATCH] discouraged. Avoid [REFERENCE ERROR] or any mucus membranes. In cases of adverse contact reactions, submerge into fresh water and remain unmoving.

*;#) his." Swift-rising bubbles rush past, brushing her naked skin on their heedless pursuit of the crashing waves overhead. Comm buzz. She adjusts the rebreather. "Go away." Comm click. She whispers a passing word to the fullness of the ocean, blood-warm and teeming with a deeper current, a pulse of expanding and fulfilling{'[^;(

(tier 3 unlock courtesy of Discord user Land10)