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A Resinous Shield is a type of artifact in Returnal.


Picking up a Resin gives a shield against the next hit.

Databank Entry[]

Research Level 1[]

A xeno-type artifact in the shape of a brace or [UNKNOWN REFERENCE]. This item allows the user to create shield [sic] against the next incoming damage whenever they collect a Resin.

Research Level 2[]

The durability of Resin as seen in cellular [REDUNDANT PARAMETER] a direct conversion. This process [PARSING ERROR] on two levels: the state change can continue indefinitely and the innate qualities remain undiminished. As a parallel to purely biological systems, this is “scar tissue” that is layering itself prior to the infliction of expected trauma or triggering stimuli.

Research Level 3[]

}}^;*critical requests, one after the other. Comm buzz was so intermittent that it seemed the connection had been lost during another solar flare. Then his staticky voice echoed through metallic reverb. Silence lasted a while longer. Her throat ached. Emotionally it was almost impossible to endure these moments without hearing=\*#-