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Pyroshell Caster is a weapon found in Returnal.

Available Alt-Fire Modes[]

  • Vertical Barrage

Databank Entry[]

A medium-range weapon of sentient make. It fires heavy [PARSING ERROR], similar to grenades, that explode after slight delay or when in contact with a hostile. Despite the lower gravity on Atropos, the projectiles are so dense that they arc very quickly. Similar to Tachyomatic Carbine, it needs no external inputs but recharges its ammo chamber over time. However, due to the higher complexity and density of the projectiles, it does have much lower rate of fire.

The destructive potential energy contained in the grenade [PARSING ERROR] high-pressure, awaiting a triggering event. The catalyst [DATA MISSING] remarkably primitive, given its overall sophistication and design, clearly not built to withstand the additional stress.

^='#\counteracting the force of the solar wind. The underside of the hull was not built to withstand a quarter of the stress she was inflicting on it. "This is a deathwish," she said, feeling oddly detached. Either her new method worked or she'd be reduced to atoms in the next few minutes. Lurching terrors from]\^*';/

(level 3 unlock courtesy of discord user Land10)

Weapon Traits[]

Trait Effect
Anti-Gravity Projectiles
Sticky Bonus
Streamlined Chamber
Seeking flares
Anti-gravity projectiles
Bouncing projectiles
Simmering explosion