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Parasites are smaller creatures found on Atropos which can be attached to Selene's body. Ingame it is described as, quote, "Parasites have both beneficial and detrimental effects on your suit." Returnal also offers an ingame video tutorial on this topic.

The Suit Computer shows more details about the parasite if players view the Status. There are five slots.

Selene can find the first parasite in the Overgrown Ruins area, early in the game.

Players earn the trophy "Irreversibly Contaminated" when they have five parasites attached at one time.

Attaching and Detaching Parasites[]

Selene has five slots for parasites, after which no more parasites can be attached. Parasites can be detached via various means, but this will kill the parasite and prevent it from being reattached until found again.

  • The Extermination Sphere is a consumable which detaches all parasites currently attached to Selene.
  • The Parasite Harvester is a consumable which will recycle a random attached parasite into Oblites or an item, detaching the parasite and consuming the Harvester in the process.
  • The Parasite Extractor is a device that will detach a random parasite and produce Oblites in return.

Parasite Effects[]

Parasites can have randomized mix-and-match effects. The name of the parasite indicates these effects, with a prefix and a suffix indicating each. Prefixes weaken Selene, whereas suffixes strengthen her.

Prefixes and suffixes can be active or passive. Passive affixes can apply their effects through an entire run, whereas active affixes have instantaneous or temporary effects, after which the parasite detaches.

Most parasites have either two passive affixes or two active affixes. Only the Wireseeker active suffix can appear with passive prefixes.

Certain parasites whose effects would completely or partially cancel out, such as Sedating Nervestinger (Adrenaline gain) or Impairing Needletooth (Repair Efficiency), do not seem to drop at all in game. On the other hand, Slimy Wireseeker (Malfunctions), counterintuitively, does in fact drop.

Passive Prefixes (negative effects)[]

Prefix Effect
Atrophying Reduces Melee Damage by 50%.
Brittle Suffer damage from long falls.
Caustic Hostiles leave behind a pool of acid on death.
Constricting Causes damage when picking up Items.
Corrosive Reduces Protection by 10%.
Destabilizing Dropped Obolites disappear 1s faster.
Distracting Reduces Proficiency Rate by 15%.
Impairing Reduces Repair Efficiency by 30%.
Latching Suffer damage when using keys.
Lethargic Alt-Fire Cooldown increased by 5s.
Malicious Increases Malfunction probability.
Oily Upcoming Malfunctions have harder fix requirements.
Ominous Increases the chance of finding Malignant Items.
Sedating 1 more kill required to increase Adrenaline Levels.
Slimy Upcoming Malfunctions have more severe effects.
Sluggish Greatly increases Melee Cooldown & Dash Cooldown

*The Silphic prefix is seemingly only found with the Bladespinner suffix.

Passive Suffixes (positive effects)[]

Suffix Effect
Coldblood Reduces Alt-Fire Cooldown by 3s.
Goldstalker Doubles Obolite collection radius.
Goldtail Dropped Obolites last 1.5s longer.
Huskweaver Greatly increases Max Integrity.
Needletooth Increases Repair Efficiency by 20%.
Nervestinger 1 fewer kill required to increase Adrenaline Levels.
Oddkeeper 25% chance to not lose a Consumable on use.
Rotnose 50% chance to find better Salvage from hostiles.
Rotstench Find Salvage from hostiles more often.
Sagetooth Increases Proficiency Rate by 20%.
Scabshell Increases Protection by 15%.
Silverscale Fabrication costs reduced by 15%.
Slowstitch Autorepairs while at Low Integrity.
Wiretail Reduces Malfunction probability.

*The Bladespinner suffix is seemingly only found with the Silphic prefix.

Active Prefixes (negative effects)[]

These prefixes have an instantaneous effect triggered by the parasite detaching.

Prefix Effect
Amnesic Eats away a large amount of Proficiency on detach.
Festering Suffer damage to Integrity on detach.
Jolting Triggers 2 Malfunctions on detach.
Rupturing Greatly reduces Max Integrity on detach.
Shocking Triggers a Critical Malfunction on detach.

Active Suffixes (positive effects)[]

These suffixes apply an instantaneous effect upon a particular trigger and then cause the parasite to detach.

Prefix Effect Notes
Firestinger Increases Speed and Weapon Damage by 25% for the next 15 kills, detaches afterward.
Lockfeeder Allows a Key to be reused, detaches after first use.
Rotskin Earn Salvage from the next 3 kills, detaches afterwards.
Shatterskin Survive a killing blow, detaches afterwards.
Silverskin Discounts one item by 30%, detaches afterwards.
Wireseeker Prevents an upcoming Malfunction or removes an existing Malfunction once, detaches afterward. If multiple malfunctions are present when the parasite is applied, only the first Malfunction acquired will be fixed.

Interactions with Artifacts[]

  • Murmuring Cocoon boosts the positive effects of parasites.
  • Pulsating Mass will boost maximum integrity upon attaching or detaching a parasite, making it an excellent choice for parasite-focused builds. The sooner in the run Pulsating Mass is found, the better, as swapping out parasites will allow you to get a max integrity boost twice per parasite.
  • Unfed Pod adds 20% stagger power for each parasite attached.
  • Progenitor Egg repairs integrity upon attaching or detaching a parasite.

Databank Entry[]

Research Level 1[]

Dangerous specimen, highly advised [CORRUPTED TEXT] accordance with Scout Regulations. Binds with biological systems, causing potential benefits and/or detriments.

Research Level 2[]

Projected long-term use liable to [CORRUPTED TEXT] and other neurological disorders. //Contact member of AstraMed if experiencing any of the following symptoms: unusually cold or bluish skin, inflammation of [DATA ERROR], blurred visions, trouble breathing, fluid in lungs, or loss of consciousness.

Research Level 3[]

/;.{[^=could feel it parasitically injecting something into her spine, numbing away the agony of necrotic flesh. She sobbed in relief. "Will this last?" "No, and frankly you wouldn't want it to. The risks are... completely unknown." Their first trial run and already she knew this was going to be an even worse addiction than*'[-}#