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Parasite Harvester is a consumable in Returnal.

Upon use, it will recycle a random attached parasite into an item or Oblites.

Databank Entries[]

A non-reusable [UNKNOWN REFERENCE]. Activating the object causes it to take a random attached Parasite and transmute it into a random item or Obolites. It will also consume itself in the process to provide the necessary [DATABASE MISMATCH] not found in organic beings.

As a self-contained recycler system, it inverts the process of [DATABASE MISMATCH[ almost borderline impossibility. The nature of such technology [MISSING VARIABLE] remarkably different form opens up the potential for incalculable transcendence. Further study could yield the ability to recreate anything destroyed, no matter how irrevocably.

^\*/#=somehow returning into her arms. Eyes, stinging from the smoke, looked for any emotional handhold. This was her first success in a long noble line of losses. Someone gripped her shoulder, but she was too lost in a mental labyrinth to realize that her amputated heart had suddenly twitched in the mockery\#^(}