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Obolite Extractor is an artifact in Returnal.


  • Hostiles that have injured you drop 50% more Obolites when killed.

Databank Entries[]

Research Level 1[]

A xeno-type artifact with several antenna-like protrusions and a yellow-coloured [UNKNOWN REFERENCE] core. This item will cause hostiles to expel more Obolites when eliminated, but only in the case that they have caused damage to the user first. The meaning of this required exchange of damage between the user and the target is unclear.

Research Level 2[]

By overcharging a superconductive [DATABASE MISMATCH] thereby avoiding typical inefficiencies in the standard model. The manipulation [LOGIC FAULT] unique radioactivity inherent in Obolites acts as a "turning" catalyst, harvesting additional sums ordinarily overlooked without delving deeper into unknown areas.

Research Level 3[]

}\^#more lost debris than anything. They had to rely on a barely functioning scrap of metal out here in the unknown reaches of the unknown. It should have terrified her, risking so much like this, but instead she couldn’t see beyond the absurdity. This would be the folly of ages, pretending’*}[\=