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Modified Sidearm SD-M8 is a weapon in Returnal. It is a well-rounded semi-automatic handgun. Selene finds this weapon very early in the game's first area during the player's initial run. On every subsequent loop, the player starts with the Sidearm by default.

Ingame description[]

ASTRA pistol. For self-defense purposes only.

Available Alt-Fire Modes[]

  • Blast Shell
  • Horizontal Barrage
  • Shieldbreaker
  • Trackerswarm
  • Voidbeam

Weapon Traits[]

Trait Effect
Homing Missile Fires homing missiles in addition to normal projectiles.
Ricochet Projectiles will ricochet off surfaces and angle towards nearby targets.
Snubnose Barrel Deals more damage at the cost of accuracy.
Burst Fire Fires multiple projectiles in a single burst at a penalty to recoil.
Piercing Projectiles will pierce through hostiles and angle towards nearby targets.
Charging Shot Projectiles require charging, but are much more powerful.
Shrapnel Projectiles may explode into multiple shards on impact.
Hit Reload Successful hits may instantly reload the weapon.
Serrated Projectiles Projectiles cause additional damage over time.

Databank entry[]

Research Level 1[]

Sidearm Self-Defense Mark 8, manufactured by AstraTech. A compact long-range weapon. Easy to clean, maintains functionality in low atmosphere and zero-grav. Ammunition drawn from the self-charging energy cell. Avoid excessive firing to prevent overheating. Use only in self-defense and do not transfer to untrained personnel.

Warning: This device has been tampered with by unauthorized personnel. Detecting [UNKNOWN ERROR] substances and/or materials.

Research Level 2[]

Per Astra Protocol, immediately discontinue [CORRUPTED TEXT] in irreversible contamination and permanent discharge. Partial analysis of unauthorized modification reveals: xeno-type technology incorporation; unidentifiable energy storage manipulation; human biomaterr.

Research Level 3[]

*/;^=leaving an exit wound through a three-inch plate of steel. The edges cauterised, glowed bright momentarily, hissing in disdain. The message was unambiguous: she would happily throw it atop the mass grave. No choices. No exits. What she offered was merely the chance to maintain its dignity if not-\=*;.

(level 3 unlock courtesy of discord use Land10)