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Melted Globe is an artifact in Returnal. This one is acquired after the last house sequence has been completed.

Databank Entries[]

Research Level 1[]

A four-dimensional cartography tool. There is no database information of this planet or its supposed location in spacetime.

Research Level 2[]

After multiple successive scans, all indications of this world are: desolate, rocky, no signs of life. Tangential evidence suggests that it is hollow and nothingness is at its core. No good can come from this place of [UNKNOWN REFERENCE] it was right for the gates to be sealed [LOGIC FAULT] did not lock out temptation [CRITICAL FAILURE]

Research Level 3[]

*^;.\}new beginnings in a new realm of being. Could this truly be real? When she dreams lucid, she can easily recognize the manufactured unreality. Today, real desert breezes embrace her neglected existence. She shivers. Feels only peace and an abiding longing… for nothing more. “Ah,” she says at the horizon of this planet beyond the solar system. “So this is#.;/{