Returnal Wiki

Malfunctions exist in the game Returnal. Malfunctions are negative effects gained from malignant items or Parasites.

Remove a Malfunction by completing the task on the left side of the screen.

List of malfunctions[]

At Low Integrity, -30% Weapon Damage
At Full Integrity, -50% Weapon Damage
Cannot pick up new weapons
Fabricator costs increased by 25%
Falls cause damage
Hostiles counter on hit
Increased Dash Cooldown by 2.5s
Lose Obolites when suffering damage
Map is scrambled
Melee Cooldown increased by 2s
Obolites disappear 1.5s faster
Overload disabled
Proficiency gain disabled
Protection reduced by 20%
Random Artifact disabled
Reduced Max Integrity
Suffer damage on Overload
Suffer damage when collecting Items
Suffer damage when using Keys
While in midair, -50% Weapon Damage
While stationary, -75% Weapon Damage

For the purpose of the Suffer damage when collecting Items effect;

  • "Items" include: Artifacts, Consumables, Datacubes, Weapons, Parasites
  • "Items" does not include: Obolites, Silphium, Resin
  • untested: Calibrators, Ether, Atropian Keys

Removal Tasks[]

  • Kill Hostiles
  • Use Consumables
  • Collect Parasites
  • Collect Artifacts
  • Collect Resin
  • Open Containers
  • Use Keys