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Ixion is the second boss in Returnal, found at the end of the Crimson Wastes area. Players receive the bronze trophy "Ascension" when Ixion is defeated.

Ixion has three phases. It hovers and quickly flies around its arena while attacking Selene.


Ixion was one of the Severed who journeyed into the Abyss and came out Ascended. Known as the Exalted One, Ixion sought to kill the Creator/Destroyer by climbing the mountain and striking it down with his blade, though was ultimately unsuccessful in doing so. He was eventually imprisoned and survived the downfall of the sentients through his captivity. Selene would eventually find Ixion and fight him across countless cycles.


Ixion's base attacks during all phases are:

  • Firing a falling barrage of blue energy balls
  • Dashing away while releasing a semi-spherical blast of slow-moving blue energy balls
  • Firing a dense spiraling cone of blue energy balls
  • Spitting a long stream of blue energy balls

In its second phase, Ixion's attacks get more intense, and new attacks are added:

  • Slamming on the ground and releasing a red laser shockwave
  • Firing a blue beam into the sky and releasing energy waves and balls outward
  • Flying away and then quickly swooping back across the arena while releasing a cone of energy balls and blue energy shockwave
  • Firing long sweeping waves of blue energy balls back and forth across the arena
  • Firing a blue energy beam that arcs upward and then releasing a massive barrage of tracking projectiles

In its third phase, Ixion's previous attacks become even more intense. In addition, it gains new attacks:

  • Releasing lines of bouncing blue energy balls
  • Scattering red energy balls outward from its location while releasing red energy shockwaves
  • Dashing towards Selene and slashing with a melee attack while releasing an energy shockwave
  • Releasing lines of slow red energy balls along the ground
  • Shooting clusters of slow red energy balls


After defeating Ixion, the player is rewarded with 5 Ether and the Icarian Grapnel which allows Selene to progress further.

Databank Entry[]

Research Level 1[]

[UNDEFINED TERROR] sent an encrypted signal.


Research Level 2[]

Signal partially decrypted.

"Opening inside. It can end.

Antechamber of the deepest. Nothing to compare to it now."

Research Level 3[]

Signal fully decrypted.

^]#]coals burning low, nothing left to spark. She poked at it. Momentary and lazy flare of orange, then the quiet weight of the engine room's cold air tamped that down as well. She sucked in a breath, ready to turn and explain herself, but he had already started to move away. Regret or duty, sanctity or'#;\}

(tier 2 and 3 databank info courtesy of Discord user jmspfrd)