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Gyropod is an enemy in Returnal.

Databank Entries[]

A flying machine with two cannons. Structurally very similar to the Tripods seen in Citadel, but lacking legs and instead floating in the air by use of [MISSING DATA]. Attacks primarily with rapid fire from two forward miniguns, but it can also fire missiles in a sweeping arc. When sufficiently damaged it can lose control of its stabilizers, resulting in an uncontrolled spin. During this time, it is advised to target its back thrusters for speedy elimination.

The lacking armor structure reveals [DATABASE MISMATCH] either from raw material shortages or as the result of scarcity of time for mass production. While clearly not built with [UNKNOWN REFERENCE] apparently used as a first encounter unit (rather than assault) to ascertain environmental and strategic facts on the ground prior to larger scale incursions.

]#=.;without tripping the supply cache's security, suck sleek grace that an ignorant observer may be tempted to think the original architect had subverted the system. In reality, she was lucky and had guessed it was wired for the path of least resistance. Had she been wrong, she would have been another nameless corpse that had succumbed to ancient traps and=^/;*'


  • Duel minigun arms (Similar to the Automaton)
  • Rockets shot in a 90 degree arc towards Selene starting from right to left.
  • At low health it tries to suicide bomb into Selene.