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Frost Drone is an enemy in Returnal.

Databank Entries[]

A flying machine with a round central core and two supporting engines on both sides. This model is capable of firing homing missiles as well as a ground-oriented [UNKNOWN REFERENCE] beam that emits damaging, expanding circles. Similar to the ones found on Citadel, these drones are also programmed to overload their systems and attempt to crash into their target after sustaining critical damage.

Internal wiring is significantly [DATABASE MISMATCH] therefore surprising given robust, durable exterior plating. While contrary in [PARSIN ERROR] housed in a different unit. The adaptability of design may speak to the prowess of the creators' lateral thinking, encountering one dead-end pathway only to shift down a new, more successful route.

-^/{]=survival without regard to consequence, moral or otherwise. Cargo pods were marching like wingless bees back and forth across the tarmacadam, hypnotizing her into a false sense of security and plenty. She muttered under her breath something that was either a prayer or a lie. The ship had outlived its intended usage and the supplies promised*'^;.#