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Dreadbound is a gun that can be found after the Delphic Visor has been acquired, and found in the Echoing Ruins.

Databank Entries[]

A long-range weapon of unknown origin. It fires [LOGIC ERROR] shards, which return to it, echoes that never be lost. It can maintain only three of these at a faceless eternity. Their pain is louder the closer you get [CRITICAL ERROR] as the inescapable loss endured forever lost in time devours useless cycles.

binding sinew [CORRUPTED TEXT] strand to strand in spiderwebbing deception never enough to notice consciously [CORRUPTED TEXT] i control my victim [CORRUPTED TEXT] unwilling puppetry

#^;/secret, edging around leprous growths. For a waystation, it felt more like a morgue... appropriate given the events about to occur. His eyes darted around, reluctantly locking with hers in the end. She mouthed back: "I wash my hands." Their long run of luck was about to dissolve unless they managed to finally capture=\{*';^

(tier 3 databank unlock courtesy of Discord user Land10)


  • Obolite Generator
  • Explosive Shards
  • Returning Damage
  • Protection Steal
  • Staggering
  • Obolite Magnet
  • Fourth Shard
  • Expanding Shard
  • ???