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Crimson Wastes is the second region in Returnal. It shares a very similar color scheme to that of Mars. The first few regions are open with some natural rock spires and small Hivemind structures and statues, until Selene reaches the base of the mountain. From here it is mostly a giant Hivemind structure that leads up to the second boss Ixion.


Scout Logs[]



  • Crimson Wastes, Tableau 1
  • Crimson Wastes, Tableau 2
  • Crimson Wastes, Tableau 3
  • Crimson Wastes, Tableau 4
  • Crimson Wastes, Tableau 5


  • Astronaut spotted by Selene in the beginning of Crimson Wastes

    There is a chance to see the Apollo era astronaut on the roof of a building behind to the temple-like structure Selene teleports into when arriving to the Crimson Wastes.