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Coilspine Shredder is a weapon in Returnal. It is a single-shot weapon that can be charged to fire a much faster, more powerful projectile that can pierce enemies and ricochet off surfaces.

Weapon Traits[]

Trait Effect
Alt-Fire Cooling Reduces the cooldown of the currently active Alt-Fire
Enlarged Chamber Overheat limit increased
Adrenaline discs Each hit has a chance of awarding extra Adrenaline
Negating discs
Twin discs Fires a smaller projectiles alongside the main projectile
Shattering discs
Enhanced charge

Databank Entry[]

A long-ranged bioengineered weapon, capable of launching a serrated "disc" which pierces through hostiles but bounces off surfaces. Even though the weapon does no targeting of its own, the creators have left its eyes and parts of its brains intact. This seems to indicate that they have some functionality that could not be automated on a cellular level. Cruelty as motivation is possible although unlikely based on current evidence. By holding [UNKNOWN ERROR], the projectile can be charged, even though the feedback from this may limit the suit's capacitors, lowering movement speed.

Based on the evidence of teeth-like protrusions and their proximity [UNKNOWN PARAMETER] the disc itself appears to be salival accretion. The rapid process that must be involved [DATABASE MISMATCH] from similar known species. Divergence in this case seems related to instincts that prioritise personal survival above all other concerns.

*^;#\another mouthful. The juices had a numbing effect, obviously indicating the presence of toxins. Somehow, she knew it was edible and nourishing and the poison would not kill her. It was as if... a memory echoed up from her stomach after consuming the strange flesh. She gorged, starving to remember^;#\({

(level 3 databank unlock courtesy of Discord user Land10)