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An Archonact is a hostile found in the Crimson Wastes.

Databank Entry[]

Research Level 1[]

A large flying [UNREFINED ERROR]. Null sphere cuboid-shaped with multiple, long [DATABASE MISMATCH] reaching from the depths. Similarities to Aetheract are like sun, like moon, like void. Spin. Smile. Spin. Create skin and spit teeth. Circles upon circles upon circles. Upon [TERMINAL WARNING], you will experience volatile overgrowth petrifying horizons into unknown deaths.

Research Level 2[]

evolutionary cul-de-sac [CORRUPTED TEXT] foreign mass limitations weighing down with unimaginable burden a gravestone hewn before its hour has come [CORRUPTED TEXT] I entomb my potential [CORRUPTED TEXT] frightening immobility.

Research Level 3[]

]/^]=and madness, nothing more. She was the one that lived and would damn herself before letting them carve this triumph into a yoke. Her plan had worked. No one dared whisper as the screaming in the engine room snuffed into a murmur that took them all long minutes to recognise as the engines rekindling back to life. This was their new beginning-*(;#=

(level 3 unlock courtesy of Discord user Tommy 86)