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Alt-Fire Stimulant is a consumable in Returnal.

Databank Entries[]

A portable xeno-type container full of scarlet-coloured liquid. When used, the container breaks, coating the user's weapon. Before it evaporates, the liquid cools the Alt-Fire [DATABASE MISMATCH] in direct correlation with the number of hostiles that the user eliminates.

The substance somehow achieves in creating a symbiotic inverted [DATABASE MISMATCH] focal point. By narrowing perspective without the debilitating effects of [UNKNOWN VARIABLE] better able to ignore background noises and engage fully with the task at hand. Residual risks, however, include loss of peripheral vision and object blindness.


unning without oxygen flow or backup systems. I don't think it's a stretch to say this is the self-evident material they don't append to the manuals because they don't expect anyone to be so suicidal." She couldn't disagree with his prognosis, but if they were going to screw up they needed to screw up big if they wanted to wound[/#^'*


  • Reduces Alt-Fire cooldown for each hostile eliminated
  • 30 second duration