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An Aetheract is a hostile found in the Crimson Wastes.


  • 9 by 5 square pattern of BLUE ORBS
  • Tri-Laser beam at a 90 degree angle

Database Entry[]

Research Level 1[]

A flying [UNREFINED ERROR]. Null sphere cube-shaped with arms reaching below to [NULL EXCEPTION]. Eyes. Eyes. Eyes. A wall of eyes. Three roads come up to meet you. Upon expiration it [TERMINAL WARNING], cloven from the bedrock of unknown deaths.

Research Level 2[]

motherless stillborn [CORRUPTED TEXT] uniformity a core of repulsion lodged in substrate never to sprout and yet it soars in defiance erratic as its genesis [CORRUPTED TEXT] i uproot my rejection [CORRUPTED TEXT] abominating primogeniture.

Research Level 3[]

\’#*;was expounding in a way that droned. She nearly fell asleep as she heard the metronomic gears grinding in the depths of archaic equipment. “Calculations incorrect,” the unoiled machinery seemed to crackle, mocking her exhaustion and impotence. No longer paying attention, a dream bubble about to implode before... before... She shook herself, refocusing on the engine. Consciousness had^/.,;#